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Financial Services Programs

Informed Sources Inc. has connected over a HUNDRED THOUSAND home equity loan prospects with lenders trying to win their business.

Even more impressive, these lenders typically convert 62% - 75% of the Informed Sources® Loan Requests into full loan applications.

For lenders that adds up to:
  1. Less Loan Officer time spent dealing with "questionable leads"
  2. Loan Officers spend their time more productively
  3. Decreased Overhead (per loan) for clients
For consumers that means:
  1. Better customer service from Loan Officers
  2. More convenient application process
  3. Quicker loan approvals
The Informed Sources® Program has been providing loan requests since 1991. We have been told that this program is the most cost effective marketing vehicle available. This is a mass market program with a very high market penetration. We can reach customers who wouldn't respond to other marketing vehicles.
  1. Final Loan Application costs at 1/3 the cost of any telemarketing vendor
  2. The most cost effective source of business (measured via CPM)
  3. Fund hundreds of Millions of Dollars Annually
  4. Lowest CPM compared to other significant marketing vehicles
  5. 69%+ convert to full applications (on average)
  6. Large average loan size ($45k+)
  7. Works with both centralized and decentralized marketing operations
Loan Programs

Verified Leads are sent to our Loan Request Department. Clients often take advantage of Informed Sources® Leads, though some provide their own.

Special proprietary computer software has also been developed to process each of these calls. It ensures that the information is in the correct format and flags things like negative equity and low LTV ratios for the Interviewer. This makes for higher application rates when you re-contact the prospect.

Expert Lending Staff - Each Loan Request Officer has been trained in the requirements of home equity based lending programs. They are expert at getting sensitive financial (value of home, income, other loans) and personal (Date of Birth, Social Security #) information from Leads.

Using the above Lead, the Loan Request Officers are able to get 4 – 5 Loan Applications per hour. They convert 40-75% of those contacted into Loan Requests. Lenders convert 62% - 90% of our Loan Requests into full loan applications.

Quality Control - Before each Loan Application is sent to you the information is inspected by a senior supervisor. This is one more check of details (e.g., abbreviations are standard) and to ensure that the information is complete and ‘makes sense.'

Loan Application Processing/Delivery - All Loan Applications are reformatted and sorted for ease of distribution. They are printed to a computer file in the form of the attached application to pick up via modem each day for the prior day's calling.

Offices Program - On some programs the Loan Applications are sorted according to the zip code defined area of your various offices' geographies. Specially designed computer software then faxes these Loan Applications to the appropriate office across the country.

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