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In this age of Mass Media, Target Marketing, Zip Code Marketing, Direct Mail, Internet, Do-Not Call Lists and dozens of psycho-demographic alternatives, Informed SourcesŪ offers a breakthrough that's so simple, it's positively brilliant: Informed SourcesŪ delivers controllable large quantities of names, addresses and phone numbers of the people who are looking to buy your product.

Informed SourcesŪ speaks to hundreds of thousands of people asking them what they're going to buy in the coming weeks. Where are they planning to travel? What kind of car are they looking for? Are they in the market for a new home or a new diet? Computers.. frozen entrees.. gambling junkets.. hair products.. insurance.. furnishings.. televisions.. everything from Appliances to Zinnias. If it's on their mind, it goes into our computers and immediately to our clients.

Imagine the benefit of knowing exactly who is in the market for your product or service - or your competitor's. Not their "lifestyle". Not their "socio-economic scale". Not their "values." Not just a sampling but comprehensive coverage: Informed SourcesŪ averages a 75% completion rate. Which means you can influence the majority of your audience at a crucial time - the point when they are on the verge of buying.

Informed SourcesŪ is as timely and flexible as you want it to be: A resources for mass marketing nationwide or a targeted tool for local or regional testing and marketing. Key information which can be used in a wide variety of advertising, marketing and research applications such as:
  1. Target marketing
  2. Direct mail solicitation
  3. Couponing to competitor's customers
  4. Test marketing
  5. Store locations
  6. Regional marketing
  7. Franchise extensions
  8. Line extensions
  9. Program evaluations
  10. New product introductions
You get prime prospects who are ready to buy and want to know about your product or service. And you get them at a price that's competitive with any other technology or approach and more predictable than the Internet. Whatever you can think of doing, you can do more efficiently with Informed SourcesŪ. After all, demographies don't buy products ... people do.

No need to worry about Do Not Call Lists or Privacy Invasions. Our brief survey is quick and does not have to mention any of our clients' brand names. Best of all, Referrals can be transfered LIVE...On the spot... to your sales people. No need for follow up phone calls.

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