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  3. Qualitative & Quantitative.
  4. Proprietary Techniques and Technology.
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Qualitative Research: Informed SourcesŪ is uniquely positioned to locate and recruit participants for focus groups, in-depth interviews, and other qualitative research.

Copy Testing: Advertising miscommunications often move a brand away from its desired strategic position. This can do more than waste money, it can damage a brand's image.

Target Selection: Informed SourcesŪ utilizes simple and sophisticated analyses to select the most effective target markets, media vehicles, and media apertures.

Awareness Forecasting: PLAN-OR(TM) is our proprietary statistical/computer algorithm, in use for approximately 9 years. Ad awareness, product awareness, and even new product awareness can be forecast based upon alternative media scenarios. Unlike other models, PLAN-OR(TM) gains knowledge from recent and past history with your current product line, and integrates it with learning gained from past history with other products.

Tracking Studies: With the abilities to survey even up-scale households with a 75%+ response rate, Informed SourcesŪ is able to provide the highest quality tracking studies at prices unmatched in the industry. PLAN-OR(TM) is a perfect complement to a tracking study.

Perceptual Mapping: Your "brand" position in the market is represented visually.

Marketing Mix Model: The effects of your marketing vehicles are measured.

Price Elasticity Studies: Derive statistical models to estimate the impact price changes would have on unit sales. Results are built into user-friendly computer models for clients to use for "What-If" analyses.

Statistical Analyses: Multivariate, time-series, geographic analyses.

Partial Listing of Research Clients: Michelin, Volvo, Volkswagen, Audi, Honda, IBM, Gannett, Newsweek, Bongrain Internation, RJR Nabisco, Amtrak, NY State Lottery, Johnson and Johnson, The House of Seagram, NEC, National Institute of Drug Abuse, Beneficial, TNN, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, Campbell Soup Company, Caribbean Tourism, Weight Watchers, Ore Ida, Carter Wallace, GTE, Ameritech Mobile, Mobil Oil...


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