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Today’s Do-Not-Call Lists and privacy concerns have made InformSources LLC® Referrals more valuable than ever. Since 1991, InformSources LLC® has been a special source of Qualified Leads for products ranging from Appliances to Zinnias.

When a new customers or a renewed customer is worth $200, $300 or more…we’re the Only Source.


We have special dialogs with Millions of homeowners across the country via our Pre-Paid-Responder Program and our InformSources LLC® Co-op Phone Survey. Here’s how they work.

Pre-Paid-Responder™ Program
  1. Homeowners receive Check by mail.
  2. When endorsing the check, they give us permission to call their home 2 times within the next year.
  3. Our Pre-Paid-RespondersTM (PPR’s) are expecting our phone call and appreciative that we’re upfront about our motive.
  4. The phone call is a very short co-op survey to find prospects for a hand full of unrelated products. Client names are not associated with the lead generation aspect of the program.
  5. Leads can be followed-up for our clients. Some clients prefer to have us do the follow-up or appointment setting.
InformSources LLC® Co-op Phone Survey
  1. Homeowners receive a very short phone call.
  2. Co-op phone surveys typically take just a minute to cover 3-5 unrelated product categories.
  3. Client names are not associated with the lead generation aspect of the program.
  4. Respondents are prepared for Client follow-up. InformSources LLC® Referrals are prepared for Clients’
    1. Phone Calls
    2. Direct Mail
    3. Email
    4. Carrier Pigeon…
  5. No Surprises for Respondents. No Frustration for You.
InformSources LLC® Marketing Modeling and Statistical Analysis

We’ve worked with many of the biggest and the best. We don’t outsource our primary research and we have statisticians with expertise in advanced statistical analysis who can bring the results to life.

Expert Staff – Lead Generation Agents are thoroughly screened and trained for appropriate articulation and knowledge of our clients' products. This degree of training in front line customer service staff is unique within the industry .

Special training emphasizes speed as well as "implicit-interest-identification" (I.I.I.)

Each day our interviewers contact homeowners to find those in the market for our clients' products. The average interview is 30-45 seconds.
  1. 2% - 5% in the market for home-equity loans
  2. 7%+ shopping for cars
  3. 1% buy products for incontinence
Over 17,900 households are spoken to each day.

Branched Interviewing – Once the contact is made the question screens ‘branch' in a predetermined order. The computer rejects any inappropriate responses on each question. Based on the response to each question the computer branches to the next appropriate question screen. The agent has no choice but to follow the computer's direction.

Verification - After a lead is identified, the response is verified by a supervisor who is "patrolling" the calling floor. Approximately 40% of these Leads are rejected on verification. The respondent may be confused about the question or "not really" in the market among other reasons for not being passed on to our Loan Request Department. This verification step significantly improves our Loan Request Department's efficiency.

This verification procedure is also unique within the industry.

Using another proprietary computer software system Leads are Electronically forwarded to our Loan Request Department.

Clients often have us follow-up our own leads.

In product product categories such have home-equity loans, we successfully convert 62%-75%. Clients typically get a full loan application from 65%-90% of the Loan Requests we send them.

We have experienced similar success with categories such as:
  1. Cars
  2. Retail Banking
  3. Publication Sales
  4. Pharmaceuticals
  5. Packaged Goods
  6. Auto Clubs
  7. Wireless Phone Service
  8. Long Distance Phone Service
Biographies of Principals

Bob Kasper, President

Bob is responsible for executing and overseeing marketing research and telemarketing programs. He has personally trained many hundreds of telephone interviewers and sales representatives, designs and implements quality control programs, and is amongst the foremost experts in productivity optimization.

He has overseen MILLIONS of telephone surveys on behalf of Blue Chip clients such as Beneficial, The House of Seagram and others. His experience with cellular phone programs, mortgages and deregulated energy is unmatched by anyone in the industry.

Prior to starting InformSources LLC, Bob was Supervisor of Marketing Decision Systems at DDB Needham, where he had been for five years. As MDS Supervisor, he lead many important research projects for clients such as Michelin, GTE, NEC, Volkswagen, Johnson and Johnson, Bristol Meyers, Campbell Soup Company, Amtrak, etc…

Bob is an expert in marketing research, statistical analysis and database management. He participated in the Special Achievement Master's Degree Program at Boston University, where he accomplished a Master's Degree, Bachelor's Degree, and considerable Ph.D. work in Economics/Econometric Modeling, all in four years.


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