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No-Wait, No Call Queues

Our proprietary, "blended" system enables us to provide instant answer "Live" TPV's at the best cost in the industry.


Call Center Optimized

Our proprietary technology enables us to securely share data with call centers so your agents see the same data we see.


"Save 2 Minute Technology" for door-to-door sales force

Our mobile form is GPS Enabled, so your agents can rapidly send the address and account information with little or no typing from their smart phones and tablets.

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Inbound Campaigns

Outbound Energy On
     Inbound Sales

  • Our blended system enables outbound agents to handle inbound calls real-time with no delay; that means you get a hungry outbound agent salivating over your tasty inbound calls!

Client Emulator™
  • Marketing Scientists working on all programs to provide agents with on-screen tools which emulate our clients.
  • After 20 years in business, our proprietary systems are unmatched in capability.
Complex programs are made simple at Informed Sources.


Business-to-Business Advertising Sales

Specializing in:
  • Pay Per Sale --- No Risk
  • 100% Market Penetration
  • Appointment Setting
  • Reminder Calls
  • Special Events
  • Hard To Reach Decision Makers

Financial Services & Insurance Referrals Since 1991
  • Health & Life Insurance Licensed.
  • LoanPros Trained in Secured/Unsecured Lending.
  • Data Experts Controlling Campaigns.
  • Proprietary System w/ On-Screen Tools.
  • Client Emulator™
    Clients' credit criteria are entered into the Proprietary Informed Sources® Credit Criteria Engine™ (CCE). The CCE enables our LoanPros to pre-qualify Borrowers to fit each client's available loan programs regardless of complexity.
Insurance Lead Generation
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Secure access for clients & call center supervisors;
Access includes HUMS™, TPVExpress™, IMS File Manager™ & Task Manager™

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